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Lupe is hot and spicy

Escort Barcelona Lupe
Available from Day


  • Measurements 90cm – 60cm – 90cm
  • Height 175 cm
  • Weight 55 kg
  • Age 30 years


  • Pure Pleasure 70 € 30 Minutes
  • Pleasure and Fantasy 120 € 60 Minutes
  • It includes erotic shower and sex

About me

Lupe is hot and spicy ... and if you try her ... you will know it. Her secret seasoning will become your most pleasant addiction ... you will lose yourself in her delicate curves and in its very narrow waist... she is a volcano full of sensuality and passion.

Barcelona luxury escorts can provide you with a dizzying adventure only comparable to the experience provided by elite motor sports. As beautiful escorts, they will insinuate themselves in the events with the swagger of their bodies. They will invite you with elegance and mischief to spend a good time in their company to beat, perhaps, some record.

The sharp curves of the bodies of a Barcelona-level prostitute recall the classics of the most renowned car circuits and, just as in sports, riding these curves requires expertise, although in this case, the risk is to unleash your maximum sexual passion. They are exciting women, who require your attention to feel the excitement that going through them produces.

At the moment of penetration, you will feel that you are riding a portentous vehicle of pleasure, which you will quickly drive along the route of sexual enjoyment.  Unbridled, you will try to dominate the untamed vehicle using her breasts and waist as a steering wheel, but this will not prevent you from ending up crashing at maximum speed against the wall of pleasure.

In the hourly sex rooms per offered by Top Damas Barcelona, you will find the best circuit for this experience. Themed rooms, security and utmost discretion are the elements you will find. So, do not wait. Step on it and come to enjoy your own car racing in the company of a Barcelona luxury escort.