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TopDamas has a license of "musical bar reserved for sexual performances". Our premises are exclusively equipped for the rental of cabins, suites, basic drinks service and always in individual bottles.

The suites are rented by the independent escorts themselves to receive their contacts. They freely and voluntarily fix the prices of their services and the schedules at which they receive their contacts without TopDamas having any contractual or commercial relationship with the people who provide sexual services or agreements with their clients.

TopDamas wants the stay of both escorts and their clients to be totally satisfactory and discreet. To this end, TopDamas has an agile reception staff to deal with any type of enquiry from clients in several languages. It also has its own laundry with a large cleaning staff where its top priority is that the hygiene and care of the facilities is the best in Barcelona.

For TopDamas, obviously, the most important thing is that the atmosphere is comfortable and warm both for its clients and for its clients, taking care of both the details of the decoration and the personal treatment which, in any situation, will be correct and polite. To do this, it provides all the comforts required by the different people who frequent our premises, so that simply our name, TopDamas, is synonymous with good taste, discretion and safety, and of course, the most important thing, close and humane treatment.

What does the price include?

The price includes the rental of the suite and a full sexual relationship, the lady rent the suite to Top Damas and she is who pays the rentals to us.

Do all the ladies perform special sexual practices?

The ladies decide whether or not they make special relationships, such as full oral sex, anal sex, lesbian experience etc. These more special relationships have an extra price that is paid directly to the lady and in which Top Damas has no participation.

Can I make a reservation with a particular lady?

To make a reservation with a lady you must know her beforehand and the reservation must be for a minimum one hour. Reserves below this time are difficult to coordinate and we can consider, but we can not guarantee you will not have to wait. For reservations made days in advance you have to call and confirm the same day a few hours before the agreed time.

Can I book a specific suite?

All suites of Top Damas are splendid in their style, we do not think it's a problem. But if you want a specific suite, depending on the time you want to make the reservation, you can book. Bookings of the suites must also be one hour.

If I am stay less time than the suite´s rented, will you refund the difference?

Of course. For example, you can agree with the lady a rental of an hour, but if for any reason you have only been half an hour, the proportional part is returned. In the specific case of half-hour rentals, no refunds are made for a shorter time.

What if I do not like the escort company?

Top Damas always tries to inform you about the profile of the lady so that your choice is satisfactory. It is a rare situation, but we understand that personal relationships are not mathematical and it is possible that the lady meets all your expectations physically but does not arise chemistry. Try to think about sex is always an adventure. Of what you can be completely sure is Top Damas guarantees a discreet and personal treatment, we offer you suites, with details very careful, both in its hygiene as in its decoration, and with a great variety of escorts profiles that choose our facilities for their comfort and discretion.

Are the photos of the ladies real?

Yes indeed, all the photos are 100% real and without any retouching. The girls use our facilities to make the photos for the discretion that Top Damas offers and they also expect of you. Although a photo never shows the whole profile of the lady, her face gives you an important part of your choice, even if it is not everything. We also inform you that for reason of discretion there are some girls who do not want their photos to be on the web, so we invite you to meet all of them in our facilities.

If I ask for some type of drink can I be sure of what I consume?

At Top Damas we want to be clear, so that alcoholic beverages are served in individual bottles and the brands we have are the highest quality on the market.

Can I be sure of the expense if I pay with my card?

In Top Damas the expenses are always clear, we only charge for the rent of the suite, you are on the safe side. The drinks are reasonably priced, so you can easily control your spending. Top Damas will not charge card fees if they are not justified with the prices established by the renting, drinks or extras.

Do the ladies who relate in Top Damas do it of their own volition?

Of course, Top Damas is advertised in various media and the ladies call personally to arrange an interview.
There are several factors to consider:
Intermediaries are never accepted.
We do not give accommodation.
Top Damas do not open 24 hours, or 365 days per year.
Our hours are from 11 am to 5 am in the morning, during this time there are basically three shifts of different ladies, closed Sundays and holidays.
All the escorts are of legal age.
All have current legal documentation and N.I.E.
All ladies speak fluent Spanish.
We do not allow any type of consumption of narcotic drugs nor a habitual consumption of alcohol.