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Barcelona Erotic Fair 2019

Barcelona Erotic Fair Escorts

Sex and art have been the most practiced pastimes worldwide for centuries. Therefore, both are the cause of this splendid moment, where our body and mental senses and also what we call spirit unquestionably intervene in our judgment. By combining both elements (art and sex), we obtain such a harmonious combination that results in passion, the perfect midpoint for two frenzies. The first one: "Make art with love" and the second one: "Make love an art". We are so romantic and excited that we are inviting you to the Barcelona Erotic Fair2019, an event that promotes sex as a positive experience, which we can share healthily by being faithful bearers of an open mentality and also a little investment and business, as this wonderful event encourages the progress of all those companies dedicated to adult leisure, to ensure small and large market access to an ethical industry that respects all sensitivities and sexual genders, and also do not promote those denigrating sexual attitudes towards any type of person or gender.

This time, it will not be us who will invite you to free yourself from monotony, they themselves do it; without any taboo because sex is good, it is healthy and the organizers with their great ideas ratify it... We can invite you to discover a little more about yourself, to have a great time and. at the same time, foster awareness of all those important details to take into account to have a 100% enjoyment, with hundreds of activities and talks. The most impressive of this event will be the main activities, such as: Bodypainting contests, Educational Porn Conferences, Pole Dance Shows, Photo Zones with great exponents of the porn genre of this generation. For example, the guest of honor will be nothing more and nothing less than the great JORDI ENP (THE COCK CHILD). We must mention a very important thing. Do you know what I mean? OF COURSE, MAN!

In TopDamas Barcelona, we not only make those incredible invitations to interesting events throughout the year, but we also contribute many positive things to all those parties we attend. How can we not contribute so many positive things if it is what our Beautiful Escorts in Barcelona transmit the most? Our incredible princesses fill the atmosphere with positive energy and with their beauty they manage to clarify even the darkest day, without giving you time to stop enjoying, because they firmly believe that this gigantic sexual event is a celebration to the liberal and passionate mentality of the whole European community. Therefore, our princesses have prepared themselves for the show of their lives; starting with very wet kisses, soft hands, naughty and a thirst for passion that corresponds to the moment, intimacy and madness unbridled in two souls who love good sex.

They are experts in the ancient art of anal sex, veterans in oral sex and fanatics of the fine trade of male masturbation, addicted to semen, tempted to completely empty all those stallions who are willing to have a good time. Our beautiful Escort Ladies in Barcelona are graduates in erotic massages. If you want something more intimate and private, they have the perfect solution. we assure that you will the time of your life, always inside the facilities of this Casa de Citas Relax in Barcelona. There is a point we emphasize and is the incredible schedule of activities of a new section of this Erotic Fair. "Toca-toca" is where you will learn quickly about sexuality as well as investigate your feelings through practical workshops. It is an incredible space of the event led by the magnificent Noemi Casquet, outstanding journalist, specialized in sexuality for about 7 years, collaborator of El País, La Vanguardia and Código Nuevo. This is a novelty for women and an invitation to see some things from the feminine point of view that for men are usually incomprehensible (WE DO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, THOUGH!). It is a unique opportunity to experience the feast of eroticism in Barcelona, which has always been a pioneer in the fight for free and responsible sex.

From October 3 through October 9, 2019. Vall d'Hebron Olympic Pavilion (Passeig Vall d'Hebron, 166-176 08035 Barcelona) | Line 3, Montbau station Line 5, Vall d'Hebron station.